Classical Art of Ballet DVD
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2 Discs
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Classical Art of Ballet DVD
2 Disc Set

Make your dream come true!

If your dream is to float across a stage like a ballerina - or you just want to try the art of ballet – this is where it all begins! Join Chloë, a delightful young girl with hopes of becoming a dancer, as she takes her first steps in this breathtaking art form.

The effortless grace of ballet is firmly based on a centuries-old language of basic movements and body positions. Enter an actual dance studio and watch as Chloë is introduced to these Basic Positions and Movements. First come principal positions of the hands, feet, legs and head, followed by essential movements such as plier (bending), relever (rising) and sauter (jumping). Fundamental directions of the body are also demonstrated, as are the four positions of one of ballet’s most recognizable and beautiful figures: the arabesque.

After learning the basics, Chloë has a magical encounter with a ballerina who introduces her to the world of dance. Advanced Positions and Movements starts with the classical barre exercises that every dancer relies on to warm up the body and build strength and technique; these include dégagés, ronds de jambes, relevés and more. Then, it’s on to learn how to turn, jump and combine steps to create a beautiful dance combination.

Special Features: The Origins of Classical Ballet / A Glossary of Ballet Terms / Interactive Links for Positions & Movements

approx. 100 mins.

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