Doctor Finlay Set 1 - Winning the Peace DVD
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3 Discs
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Doctor Finlay Set 1 - Winning the Peace DVD
3 Disc Set

"Doctor Finlay is first-rate, splendid, absolutely fabulous." - Daily News of Los Angeles
"Highly enjoyable." - Entertainment Weekly

Some cures go beyond medicine.

He survived the war only to find himself fighting more challenging battles on the home front. One of the most popular series ever to air on the BBC, Doctor Finlay returns in this powerful, all-new adaptation from Masterpiece Theatre, starring David Rintoul, Annette Crosbie, Jason Flemyng and Ian Bannen.

It is 1946 and Dr. John Finlay has left behind the senseless bloodshed that darkened his stint in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Yet, his homecoming to the small Scottish town of Tannochbrae is not what he expects. As Dr. Finlay struggles to treat his patients, he finds himself treating their ailing hearts as well - but will his gift for healing help him mend his own shattered life?

Based on characters created by A.J. Cronin (The Citadel) and in the tradition of All Things Bright and Beautiful, Doctor Finlay is an unforgettable journey into the world of healing, humanity and hope.

Episodes: The Return / Working Together / Winning the Peace / A Bitter Pill / Forbidden Fruit / The Good Doctor

Special Features: Biographies / Selected Filmographies

approx. 5 hrs.

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