The Front Line DVD
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1 Disc
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The Front Line DVD

"Sustains high levels of suspense while delivering an emotional wallop." - Variety
"Tightly wound thriller" - Irish Times
"Heist thriller will win hearts as well as minds." - Sunday Times

In this hard-hitting thriller, unassuming but shrewd Joe Yumba (Eriq Ebouaney - Kingdom of Heaven) fights for the lives of his loved ones when ruthless gangster Eddie Gilroy (James Frain - The Tudors) forces him to assist in a hazardous bank heist. Tearing through the streets to escape ferocious felons, relentless detectives and raging gunshots, Joe will stop at nothing to save a child and guard his true identity.

Special Features: Cast Profiles / Deleted Scenes / Trailer

Widescreen approx. 90 mins.

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