Kavanagh Q.C. - Memento Mori Set DVD
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2 Discs
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Kavanagh Q.C. - Memento Mori Set DVD
2 Disc Set

"Highly successful legal drama" - Daily Telegraph
"A cut above your average crime drama" - The Mirror

In this superb courtroom series, John Thaw (Inspector Morse) is masterful British barrister James Kavanagh, a top member of Queen’s Counsel. Feisty and fierce, his relentless mind pursues the truth with insatiable hunger and rapier-like skill. Often facing unexpected twists in testimony and surprising crucial moments at trial, Kavanagh maintains his reputation as a formidable opponent who will go to any lengths to see justice served.

Memento Mori - When a mild-mannered doctor (Tom CourtenayThe Golden Compass) is accused of poisoning his manic-depressive wife, Kavanagh must diagnose the truth behind the crime.

Care in the Community - A case involving a dead baby and two unfit parents provokes the angriest of emotions in those who want to see everyone involved locked up for good… including Kavanagh himself.

Briefs Trooping Gaily - Kavanagh struggles to defend a woman charged with murdering her abusive husband – but she refuses to co-operate in any way, insisting that she is guilty.

Special Features: John Thaw: A Tribute / Cast Profiles

approx. 228 mins.

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