Land Girls - Series 1 DVD
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2 Discs
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Land Girls - Series 1 DVD
2 Disc Set

"The sparkling jewel in the BBC’s crown of specials marking the 70th anniversary of the start of World War Two" - TV Times
"Classy period drama" - Sunday Mercury
"Beautifully-shot... wartime drama" - Sunday Mercury

WINNER / Best Daytime Programme / Broadcast Awards

Doing their bit for the war

Set in England during the Second World War, Land Girls is a five-part drama that captures the sacrifices and experiences of four young women in the Women’s Land Army. Sharing hardships and working alongside captured POWs, Annie, Bea, Joyce and Nancy toil in the fields to grow food for the war effort.

Commissioned by the BBC to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the start of World War II, Land Girls is a tribute to all the women who answered their country’s call for service to do their bit on the home front, while their men were overseas, fighting the enemy.

Episodes: Childhood’s End / Secrets / Codes of Honour / Trekkers / Destinies

Widescreen approx. 223 mins.

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