Luc Dionne, Scriptwriter
A business graduate, Luc Dionne was in charge of several important dockets for the Quebec government before becoming a political attaché. He left the corridors of power to launch a successful career as a scriptwriter.
Luc Dionne made his impressive debut in the world of screenwriting in 1996 with his Gemini Award-winning script for the dramatic series Omertà, la loi du silence. Directed by Pierre Houle, the series details the tangled relationships between the Montreal Mafia, the police and politicians. A huge success, it was followed by a sequel, Omertà II, la loi du silence, also directed by Houle, and finally a third and final sequel, Omertà III, le dernier des hommes d’honneur, directed by George Mihalka and carried on Radio-Canada in 1999. Luc Dionne’s effective writing style and his ability to weave complicated plots, while generating real-life situations and characters that ring true, were important elements in series’ success.

Dionne’s next writing project, Tag, a series directed by Pierre Houlewhich explores the world of juvenile delinquents. Most recently, he worked on the TV series Le Bunker, which delves into a theme he knows well – the world of politics from the inside. Le Bunker is scheduled to air in the fall of 2002 on Radio-Canada.